Watch A Sneak Peek Of Basketball Wives L.A. Episode 5: Draya’s “Out The Circle” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Tonight on Basketball Wives L.A. we’ll see the fallout of what happened after Jackie and Doug‘s wedding, including the repercussions for Draya ditching the festivities at the last minute. As Jackie ominously intones, “It’s a confrontation comin’ on.” Get ready for it, Draya!

Check out this sneak peek of what happened at the wedding after-party, including Imani‘s breakdown over her lack of a love life, and Laura‘s mission to get her some booty, and tune in to Basketball Wives L.A. on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Click Here To Peep The Sneak Peek Clip From Basketball Wives L.A.!

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  • meme

    Jackie needs to grow up. She talking about somebody out of a circle. Draya young enough to be her daughter, I’m sure Draya is not crying. I wouldn’t have gone to that wedding either. She acted like she didnt want her there anyway. She has one every year She can just invite her next year. I don’t like l.a. when is Miami coming back.

  • nikkislim

    Jackie needs to work on her relationship with her daughter, instead of planning weddings year after year to a dude who is too afraid to leave her four neck having behind.

    What grwon azz forty plus year old woman talks about being in circles? Grow up. Draya do you. Leave them bitter bees alone.

  • queenkim

    Who wants to go to a wedding everyear for the same people. Boring and c the same people talking about nothing, hell I’m 40 and would not go it like shes trying to prove something. Multiple weddings to the same person should only have two people there the bride and groom cause their the only ones that even care that u r still married.

  • license2correct

    @ All the 3 females comment above I agree with Yall 100% ….preach sisters please hurry and bring Miami Bbw back who care noone is married atleast there episode was more interesting.:…………..

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Jackie is a b***h! I do not like her! She is a ugly person inside and out! Her and her punk @ss husband! I don’t like Imani either! The only one I like so far is Malaysia and Draya! I kinda like Laura but now she hoppin’ on the band wagon with them other bitter broads! I’m sick of hearing about the circle, what circle? What grown women talk about that?! Jackie didn’t want Draya at that wedding, that’s why I’m glad Draya didn’t go! I wouldn’t have went either! Jackie is a bully and have some nerve meeting up with Draya to tell her how wrong she is for not coming to that sham of a wedding! It’s like, let’s keep it real Jackie u don’t like Draya for no apparent reason, ur that upset she didn’t come? GTFH!

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