Man Up: Carmelo Anthony Calls Out His Peers And Says Athletes Are “Scared” To Speak Up Like Muhammad Ali

- By Bossip Staff

Carmelo Anthony thinks athletes don’t have the stones that Ali did to make changes in sports.

After an exhibition game in Philly, the media asked Melo a few questions about the lockout and why things weren’t getting done. Here’s what he had to say:

Michael Tillery: Carmelo I don’t know if anyone asked you this but the fans are wondering why there isn’t such of a…NBA presence…NBA players coming out and speaking on this issue (NBA lockout) publicly like in the NFL…like in other situations.

Carmelo Anthony: “We’re not allowed. We’re not allowed. I mean everybody has their own opinion…you hear people talk here and there…but nobody don’t really come out and say what they really want to say. That’s just the society we live in.
Athletes today are scared to make Muhammad Ali type statements.“

What does Carmelo mean by “we’re not allowed”? Who’s stopping them? Is Carmelo right? Do you think athletes are punks in the modern era as opposed to the way Muhammad Ali stuck his neck out for Vietnam? Maybe these guys should just man up and make changes!

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  • listen

    He just may be right. Sometimes people r afraid of the consequences 2 their actions so they stay n the shadows.

  • Black

    In the NBA David Stern runs everything u cannot say anything about the negotiations or issues that u may have regarding the outcome of the lockout w/o being fined. The commissioner makes $10 million dollars a year and controls everything Basketball, Michael Jordan was just fined $100k for talking with one of his players.

  • lisa

    Well he didnt really say shyt either. Carmelo go sit ur slow non playing azz down.

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