Poor Thang! RihRih Needed “Emergency Procedure” At 2 A.M. In Ireland… Woo Hoo Waxing!

- By Bossip Staff

SMH… This sounds like something she should have handled before leaving “Brazil”. RihRih found herself in a prickly situation when she arrived in Ireland earlier this week… Too much hair “down there!”

R&B singer Rihanna demanded an emergency bikini wax at 2:00am ahead of her raunchy video shoot in Northern Ireland, The Sun reported Friday.

In a desperate bid to tidy herself up for the video shoot she had her assistants call four local beauticians in the area early Monday but none could be persuaded to get out of bed.

Thankfully, one finally answered Rihanna’s plea and managed to get to her Belfast hotel at 2:00am.

A source told the newspaper, “Rihanna arrived at her hotel very late and the first thing she wanted was a bikini wax. The video shoot was scheduled for the following morning so she didn’t have much time.”

“Her assistants got on the case quickly and called some beauticians after finding a directory on the web. It was relief all round when they finally managed to find someone,” the source added.

But despite her efforts, the “Rude Boy” singer did not get to wear her bikini for long during the video shoot as farmer Alan Graham — who lent Rihanna his field — threw her off his land and ordered her to cover up when he saw her strip off.

Rihanna was welcomed by pretty much everyone else in Northern Ireland during her stay there, including the country’s fast-food restaurants, which have done a roaring trade thanks to large orders from the pop star and her team.

Rihanna and her entourage got McDonald’s and KFC sent to the video shoots and her team also placed a $1,092 order at Nando’s to be delivered to her hotel.

Well we’re glad to hear that RihRih was able to smooth over her situation, she definitely would hate for us to find any bushy photos, y’all already know we’d have a field day with those!



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  • gina

    Bossip your silly…lmao…emergency procedure 2 am hospital …lol. that waxer probably made 6 months salary in less than an hour.

  • gina

    @Nymphis…aka Sultan
    A man that likes “women-females” has spoken the truth!
    Just Say “NO” to anuz puzy..lol

  • team nymphis


    Im the original carpetbagger.

  • gina

    Sultan….is term of respect! Bump a clueless Playa 🙂

  • team nymphis


    We good!!!!

  • 223

    Stop lying if a b*tch snatch isn’t shaved I can’t f*ck with her some sh*t is trife y’all still probably watching porn from the 70’s

  • G

    Cant a girl just wax in PEACE? OMG is this really news.

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