Amanda Knox Says Deuces To Italian Prison! Headed Home Sweet Home After Jury Overturns Roommate Murking Conviction

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She outta there baby! Amanda Knox got on the first thing smoking Tuesday after a jury overturned the 2009 murder conviction that kept her jailed in Italy for the last four years…

Amanda Knox prepared to fly out of Italy and back to the U.S. today after being dramatically cleared of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher.

Worried Amanda, 24, was taken to the airport police station to sign various forms – even anxiously calling her lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova to check everything was fine for her to go through immigration and board the British Airways flight to Seattle via London Heathrow.

The American tried her best to stay out of view as she arrived at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport and tried to avoid journalists waiting for her outside since dawn.

Today Mr Dalla Vedova said: ‘I spoke with her briefly. She was a bit worried about going through immigration and although her passport was valid she was still a little anxious as she was held in the airport police station for paperwork procedures.

‘She was calm, serene and looking forward to going home and just spending time with her friends and family. She wants to get on with her life.

‘She is a clever and intelligent girl who has been through a lot – one day in prison is bad enough but four years is even worse.’

While waiting for their flight Knox’s parents were in the VIP lounge at Fiumicino Airport and they were then joined by Knox who onlookers described was ‘looking tired and drawn’.

Dressed in black leggings, grey cardigan and a dark top she was pulling a large black suitcase as she left the airport police office to join her parents.

The family had been driven to Rome from Perugia late last night in two black Mercedes one a people carrier which had been provided by the Italo-American Foundation whose president MP Rocco Girlanda had written a book about Knox in prison and campaigned for her innocence.

Mr Ghirlana was one of the people who was with her at Capanne prison late on Monday night when she was released and he accompanied her and the rest of the Knox family back to Rome where they were put up in what was described as ‘safe accommodation’.

Corrado Maria Daclon, a spokesman for the foundation, said: ‘Amanda is really very exhausted after spending four years in prison. We hugged each other warmly as she was let out.

‘She also asked me to thank the Italian public who have supported her publicly throughout her ordeal.

‘She said she could not have coped with being unjustly jailed for four years if it had not been for their support – they gave her strength and always said they believed in her innocence.

‘I have remained silent throughout this affair but now someone needs to shoulder the responsibility for what happened.’

He added: ‘This has been one of the most serious errors of justice that we have had in our country and we have had many.’

Mr Dalla Vedova also spoke of this and said: ‘This case should never have come to court. Will there be an investigation? I doubt it.

‘Amanda will now have some time in Seattle and then get on with her life and her family will also want to get back to theirs.’

Before she left Italy, Knox said she felt ‘no bitterness’ towards the country that had kept her in jail for four years.

Corrado Maria Daclon, said: ‘Despite everything she has gone through the last few years and all the attacks against her right up until the final stages of the appeal, where a conviction was sought with no evidence – she told me she feels no bitterness.

She went from crying after learning the conviction had been overturned to smiling at the airport!

Do you think you would be able to not hold any bitterness if you were in the same situation???


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