Shady Conrad “Murder” Murray’s Former Girlfriend, Babymama, And Other Jawn To Testify Today

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like three of Conrad “Murder” Murray’s jawns will be taking the stand…

During the final hours of Jackson’s life, Murray was reportedly communicating with three women: Sade Anding, Nicole Alvarez and Bridgette Morgan. Phone records show he made several calls during the critical period during which Jackson should have been closely monitored, prosecutors argue.

Today one of Murray’s ex-girlfriends, Sade Anding, and the mother of one of his children, Nicole Alvarez, will testify about their conversations with him prior to Jackson’s death during Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial.

Peep more info on Conrad’s women and their involvement when you have a flip thru…

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  • Tanya

    These women need to be slapped! Clearly they were selling their soul and body for some “change”! This man was married with kids but I guess none of that matter when he was paying.

  • saywhat!

    Dang! He had a whole crew of sex workers on his payroll! I wonder if they all lined up on Friday to pik up their paychecks. Lol. It’s noooo way these 3 beautiful women would be with and bust seeds out for him if he wasn’t caking them up! I guess the baby mama is still holding out faith tht her sugar daddy will be dropping those dollars on her again soon. She’s not saying nothin! Even tho he has plenty other ladies and a wife along with her. Smh…

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