For Your Viewing Pleasure: Raunchy Rih Rih Toots That Thang Up Live In Liverpool

- By Bossip Staff

RihRih was up to her usual antics in Liverpool last night.

Keep clicking to get the goods…

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  • Blue Moon

    Rhi Rhi makes a porno

  • Jackie

    Rhianna is not even all that make up and weave do wonders. He forehead looks like alien and she kinda looks like a dog in the face. She has sex apeal but she a boring entertainer who needs sit down and close her legs.

  • Ms James

    Rihanna Looks Great.. She’s a beautiful girl she’s pushing the envolope a bit past my taste only because kids like her alot as well.. She’s definitely Rate R.. Luv her sense of fashion and music #Pow


    I’ll beat that thang up!!!! SMACK-IT, FLIP-IT, RUB-IT DOWN, OH NO!!!!!!!!!

  • Sugarfoot

    @Ms James…im wit u on dat!!!

  • Missy

    @ Jackie … I’m wit u on dat!!!

  • Peaches

    I like her she seeno to be a real bitch

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