Herman “Black GOP” Cain Taking Over??? Pizza CEO Jumps Ahead Of Rick Perry For The #2 Spot In The Republican Race

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like hunting at a place called N*****head has made Rick Perry a little unfavorable with the conservatives these days:

Former Godfathers Pizza CEO Herman Cain has leapfrogged Texas Gov. Rick Perry for the second place spot behind Mitt Romney in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Two national polls released Monday showed a surging Cain surpassing Perry, who’d emerged as a first or second-place candidate in polls following the August launch of his campaign. Romney leads in both polls, though he lacks a commanding margin over his competitors in both polls. Twenty percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents name Romney as their choice in a presidential nominee, according to a new Gallup poll. He leads, at 24 percent, among lean Republicans in a Washington Post/Bloomberg News poll also released Monday.

The battle for second position on the polls appears more fluid. Cain surged to second in the Gallup survey, at 18 percent, up from five percent in a mid-Sept. Gallup poll. Perry, meanwhile, had tumbled from 31 percent — first place — in last month’s poll to 15 percent — third place, behind Cain — in Gallup’s most recent offering, conducted Oct. 3-7. The Bloomberg/Washington Post survey, conducted Oct. 6-9, also had Cain in second place, at 16 percent, and Perry in third, at 13 percent.

The two polls set the stage for Tuesday night’s debate in New Hampshire, the first since the GOP field was largely finalized by the formal exits last week by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Sarah Palin. The debate is scheduled for 8 p.m. EST on Bloomberg Television. Cain’s surge in the polls has been aided by publicity associated with his national book tour, and his victory last month at a Florida straw poll. But he’ll have to fend off suspicions that he is more than a “flavor of the month” candidate, a charge Cain has repeatedly disputed, in a field that has seen momentary surges for several candidates.

What do y’all think…does this Herman Cain character have a chance at winning the Republican presidential candidate spot in the end???


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  • John Paterson

    And he’s earned his way in life.

    He is respected by many Conservatives. Everything Herman got, he got by the sweat of his brow.

  • mr mayne

    I am a Democrat but I do agree with Herman about some things. I know a lot of Republicans who like this guy.

    I didn’t think he could do it but he has a shot.
    Play on playaa.

  • Ms. Gina

    Herm your life is about to get real ugly..lol. Prepare for your high tech slaughter. Mitt and the boys will malign you so badly you will holla louder than Clarance Thomas…..you will eat your race is not a factor statement for the rest of your life. Dude your presentations are truly regional manager.

    You can’t run the country like a fast food joint by the way let’s talk about Godfather’s and Noble Romans it was just as horrible. That 999 omg Mitt is going to make you 666 by the end of the next week! Get ready for 7th grade math lesson….break it down Mitt! Ole John Henry also tried to prove he could …..yea we know how that ended.

    Sorry Supercoon advocates, the good ole boys ain’t feeling him, cowboys out west, the mountain jacks or the white folks with all the real credit card debit. Hispanics, Asians, Arabs and the real Muslims don’t like him like him because he is a dark skinned African American. Nope there will be “not” be a my boy can beat your boy boxing match on the plantation! Mitt take care that for for us but dont do it in a “big way” we ain’t going let you do too much to Bro Herm. Obama 2012 🙂

  • BlackAnastasia

    This is nothing but another ploy by Whites to have a Blackman from a Conservative platform do well to make us blacks here in America feel like we are in a equal society.when in fact ,thats simply not the case.It wouldn’t surprise me if he got the Nomination just so they could have Two Blacks running for President.which in turn would make everything look fair like they did with Obama.It’s called Lies Disguised As Truths.Examples;”Guilty Until Proven Innocent” “Equal Opportunity Employer”all bullshit!Don’t fall for the”Smoke In Mirrors”people.Much Love to all my beautiful Black people.

  • Ms. Gina

    @Black Anastasia

    You are Speaking truth to POWER…..keep bringing them to the light…beautiful one.

  • BlackAnastasia

    Thankyou @Gina baby.You are my bossip Idol.

  • http://www.celebrityfocus.net/neck-and-neck-herman-%e2%80%9cblack-gop%e2%80%9d-cain-and-mitt-romney-are-%e2%80%98extremely-close%e2%80%99-in-republican-presidential-nomination-race/ Neck-and-Neck: Herman “Black GOP” Cain And Mitt Romney Are ‘Extremely Close’ In Republican Presidential Nomination Race | Celebrity Focus

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