How’d That Get To Sesame Street??? Hackers Post Freaky Content On Kiddie Show YouTube Account

- By Bossip Staff

And we thought it couldn’t get dirtier than “Tickle Me” Elmo and his lil “spasms” This weekend some jerk-face (no pun intended) put adult content on the YouTube page for Sesame Street!

Hackers appeared to have commandeered the YouTube page of the venerable “Sesame Street” children’s show Sunday, reprogramming the page with content brought to you by the letter “X.”

The show page was taken offline Sunday afternoon, and visitors were greeted with a message from the video website informing them it had been shut down “due to repeated or severe violations of our community guidelines.” Users who called up the account earlier had found freaky flicks instead of Muppets.

“YouTube’s Community Guidelines prohibit graphic content,” a YouTube representative told CNN. “As always, we remove inappropriate material as soon as we are made aware of it.”

Sesame Workshop, the non-profit organization behind Sesame Street, issued an apology Sunday.

“Our channel was compromised and we are presently working with YouTube/Google to restore our original content,” the group said. “We always strive to provide age-appropriate content for our viewers and hope to resolve this problem quickly.”

Search engine giant Google owns YouTube.

A message posted on the page before the content was removed claimed responsibility in the names of two YouTube users, one of whom denied responsibility in a statement on his own page.

“I did not hack Sesame Street. I am an honest YouTuber,” the user, identified as “MrEdxwx,” posted on his account. “I work hard to make quality gameplay videos, and most important I respect the community guidelines.”

No word on whether or not Bert and Ernie were caught in any compromising positions.

Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

Seriously though, we hope they catch the people who did this. Some things just oughta be sacred. SMH!


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