Down With The “King”: Thousands Of Libyans Line Up To See The Bloody Body Of Moammar Gadhafi Laying In A Freezer

- By Bossip Staff

Come one, come all, Moammar Gadhafi has taken a fall…

Moammar Gadhafi’s blood-streaked body was on display in a commercial freezer at a shopping center as Libyan authorities argued about what to do with his remains and questions deepened over official accounts of the longtime dictator’s death.

Also Friday, new video emerged of his violent, chaotic last moments, showing fighters beating him as they drag him away.

Nearly every aspect of Thursday’s killing of Gadhafi was mired in confusion, a sign of the difficulties ahead for Libya. Its new rulers are disorganized, its people embittered and divided. But the ruling National Transitional Council said it would declare the country’s liberation on Saturday, the starting point for a timetable that calls for a new interim government within a month and elections within eight months.

The top U.N. rights chief raised concerns that Gadhafi may have been shot to death after being captured alive. The fate of his body seemed tied up in squabbles among Libya’s factions, as fighters from Misrata — a city brutally besieged by Gadhafi’s forces during the civil war — seemed to claim ownership of it, forcing the delay of a planned burial Friday.

In Misrata, residents crowded into long lines to get a chance to view the body of Gadhafi, which was laid out on a mattress on the floor of an emptied-out vegetable and onions freezer at a local shopping center. The body had apparently been stowed in the freezer in an attempt to keep it out of the public eye, but once the location was known, that intention was swept away in the overwhelming desire of residents to see the man they so deeply despised.

Men, women and children filed in to take their picture with the body. The site’s guards had even organized separate visiting hours for families and single men.

“We want to see the dog,” some chanted.

Gadhafi’s 69-year-old body was stripped to the waist, his torso and arms streaked with dried blood. Bullet wounds in the chest, abdomen and left side of the head were visible.

Would you have waited in line to see the dead body of your former oppressor?


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  • shonta

    Yes, my mommy told me don’t believe nothing that I’m told…… See it with your own eyes and even then u never know

  • Shuchun

    I don’t care who you are what [he] did in life, this is SO disrespectful and inhuman! Whoever feels that anyone is deserving of their dead body being put on a slab for public entertainment is just as much the same type of tyrant as he was. Whoever opens their mouth and says anything to the effect of “that’s good for him” or “he did _______ when he was alive!” , So what! You’re a monster if you feel that way about a dead body. Your mindset is no different than his you’re both the same type of animal. This is sick and disrespectful.

  • team nymphis

    And Americans wonder why these countries applaud the death of our soldiers.

  • gina

    Abuse of a corpse …burning bread on yourself! They will find another reason to fight each other tomorrow! Bring our troops home!

  • Brittany06

    No matter All of the wrong he did in his lifetime, this is absolutely horrid. I can’t believe they would engage in this kind of disgusting behavior. The man is dead, they could atleast have some remorse for the fact that it’s a lost life. They dont need to worry about seeking revenge in ways like this. Let him account for his wrong doings before God, not on the floor of a freezer.

  • Duh

    Why don’t you all send Hallmark sympathy cards to Stalin and Hitlers families too. Idiots.

  • Mila

    It’s easier to play the holier than thou roll,when its not you who you are juding.This man has made most of the Residents in his country miserable.He was not a good man at all.It is natural for them to be happy.But they need to ask god for forgiveness and for god to rid their hearts of those negative feelings.

  • Rigch

    The last two comments are misinformed. In LIBIYA there is no homeless no hungry no poor. The oil is nationalized amongst the citizens the currency backed by gold. Those libiyians will find out the hard way. There real problem between ghaddafi and those people is that ghaddafi wanted to uplift the whole continent and not just the pale Arabs who colonized the land and was going to destroy the US dollar. Some of you ne6ros are so blind. Y’all really don’t know who your enemy is y’all really think these white folks love us.

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