Rumor Control: Kris Jenner Puts Media On Blast, Says Kim Didn’t Make Even 5 Cents, She Spent Her Own Millions!

- By Bossip Staff

Who are You Kidding?

For the past 24 hours, the media has been on an up and down roller coaster about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries getting a divorce. After tons of rumors speculating Kim and Kris tied the knot for ratings and $18 Million, mama Kris Jenner comes in to put the rumors to rest…

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  • Maurice

    Maurice reblogged this on I Don't Make The News.

  • Kylie

    *Gives Kris Jenner the side eye* does she really expect people not to judge how they’re living their lives when theire inviting us into every aspect of their stupid lives??She has annoyed me with that statement for sure.They got paid for the wedding pics,honeymoon pics,tv special.Major news outlets were repoting the cake,dress and numerous other items were given as gifts.If it wasn’t true why wait 73 days later to correct people?Bc she is lying.Kim did not marry for love,72days isn’t enough time to justify falling out of divorce.They were still newlyweds.But be serious,WHO leaves their own honeymoon to make a tv appearance for an award show??You only get one honeymoon.!I think had the NBA not had a lockout Kim would still be “happily married”.

  • Miss Bonita

    All i gotta say is: BISH PLEASE!

  • givmeabrek

    Really Kris…..we your audience is smarter than the average bear….your family made a kill’n when it came to Kim’s wedding and you all are gonna make a killing wit this divorces as well so quit with all the BS.

  • tbird

    All these heauxs are a trip…they think we are really stupid. This golddiggin tramp and her golddiggin mama need to be slapped. And don’t pity Kris. He was in on it too…no it makes sense why she was manhoppin prior to kris…so she could find a willing pawn. A marriage isn’t iron clad until 90 days after the certificate is signed they ended it in time. Well after this what next? Now I see why reggie dumped her arse. She needs to gtfowtbs

  • wana

    REALLY?….. Does this person who pimps out her kids really think we are stupid she would have her kids s**k a donkeys d**k if she thought she could make money off of it…..this family is vile and her trampy daughters will just move on to the next dirty ick.

  • Please

    SIT ALL THE WAY DOWN Kris. As usual you have to put on your mommy pimp cape and rescue your baby hoes from ridicule. Always the mouth piece for the self absorbed greedy selfish skank of a daughter you raised to be a vapid non personality having misfit. I’m sick of seeing folks like these shove their $ and inflated self importance down our throats and then get mad when theyre called out on their pull. Please. Fall back and STFU. I can’t wait till this gravy train express crashes and burns at the next crossing. I’m bustin my butt to make it do what it do and these hoes are celebrated for being non talented arrogant twits. Enough! Pull a David copperfield and make yourselves disappear.

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