Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Fiend Keeps Cooking Meth Despite Lab Fire That Melted Her Face

- By Bossip Staff

Some folks never learn. And we thought crack was bad. SMH. Meth just might be worse.

Just ask Heather Raybon. She can’t seem to stay away from making the stuff, even though it’s exactly what effed up her face, sending her back into one painful surgery after another.

Heather Raybon was left permanently scarred with terrible facial burns after being caught up in a blast at a meth lab in 2004.

But police in Florida said despite the life-changing incident the 31-year-old has continued to try and manufacture crystal meth.

She was arrested after police raided a trailer in Milton, Florida, while they were attempting to serve a warrant on fugitive Brian Mauldin.

Inside the home police noticed a strong chemical smell that indicated the possible presence of meth manufacturing materials.

Deputies also saw drug paraphernalia that was left in plain view and immediately summoned detectives from the drugs unit.

Investigators who searched the residence allegedly found materials and ingredients used in manufacturing methamphetamine.

Detectives also found 13 grams of meth powder, 32 grams of meth oil and an active ‘one pot’ meth lab that the couple had attempted to hide.

A small metal pill bottle was found in Raybon’s purse. Its contents allegedly tested positive for meth.
Fire crews were called to the trailer home to dismantle the active lab due to the threat of fire or explosion.

Raybon and William Hindall, 30, who was inside the trailer, were arrested and charged with trafficking methamphetamine, possession of felony drug equipment and possession of listed chemicals to manufacture meth.

In 2004 Raybon suffered third degree facial burns after an explosion at a suspected meth lab.

She has undergone numerous facial surgeries in the last seven years.

Sgt Scott Haines from Milton Police said: ‘Raybon has multiple past arrests involving methamphetamine related charges in Santa Rosa County.

‘Raybon also suffered severe and disfiguring burns during a fire that occurred on December 16, 2004 in Milton.

‘Due to the injuries and past intelligence, investigators believe that Raybon’s burns were consistent with being associated with a meth lab explosion; however Raybon was cooperative with investigators as to how the injuries occurred.’

Police are still looking for Mauldin who is wanted for the manufacture of meth.

SMH @ this broad. Isht ain’t sweet.

Check out the photos of Heather over the years, and the guys she was allegedly working with, below:


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  • dmase70

    Meth is a helluva drug….I ain’t never seen crack make a mofo do that!

  • Steelcitychick

    And I bet those surgeries were paid by the good tax paying citizens of her fine state! She’s a pile of human waste!
    Unless you’re retarted, I feel no pity for drug users….you get what you get, and if you die in the process, so be it…..don’t make tax payers pay for your stupidity!

  • Christielove1468

    I dont feel sorry for that dumb methheaded chick,face damn near melted clean off and she still keep messing around with Meth,smdh!

  • Christielove1468

    I dont feel sorry for that dumb chick,face damn near melted clean off and she still keep messing around with Meth,smdh!

  • team nymphis

    that itchb look like michael Jackson

  • Kenedy

    When they said they raided her trailer, I was like yep, that’s exactly where I was expecting her to be living at

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