Despicable: The Most Hideous Crimes Famous People Have Been Accused Of

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Don’t you hate it when you’re a big fan of someone and they end up murdering people and dumping their bodies in a back alley somewhere? Yeah, happens to the best of us.

With all of this nasty Sandusky stuff floating around the world, we look at some more pitiful, disgusting and insane crimes celebrities have been accused of…and some even committed!

OJ – Probably the most famous sports story ever. OJ is notorious for allegedly killing his wife and her side-piece, but he was never found guilty. But millions of people think OJ killed the mother of his children. That’s without a doubt just disgusting.

Jerry Sandusky – He’s in the middle of the worst college football scandal ever. He’s alleged to have a thing for little boys and was reportedly seen raping one in a Penn St. shower. Of course all of this is alleged…but this fool is taking his arse straight to jail.

R. Kelly – When you use the words “teenager” and “urine” in the same sentence, things will never go well. Kellz shot a video of himself doing the number one on some underage chick. Yeah, he was found not guilty but c’mooooon buddy.

Snoop – He was arrested for killing a guy and even made a song about it. Not the smartest defense, but he was still able to beat the case. He’s been on the straight and narrow ever since.

Kobe Bryant – Kobe allegedly went to Colorado and had his way with a hotel Becky. Not a good look, especially when you have such a tackle box at home. He also beat the case but the stink is all over him, still.

Michael Jackson – We all remember MJ’s trials that accused him of being the OG Sandusky. One was settled and the other one had him as not guilty. Still, people are unrelenting in calling MiJack a freak no matter what.

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    Chris Brown – We know that men hit women every day. It’s a horrible fact of life. But we don’t usually have to see the victims’ faces. We had to see exactly what Breezy did to Rih Rih and how violent he was. It’s hard to forgive that, but some of his fans have. Good for them.

    Robert Blake – Another guy that killed his own wife and didn’t think twice about it. He just had no remorse the whole trial, too. It’s so disgusting.

    C-Murder – The former No Limit Soldier is doing life right now for allegedly murdering a N.O. rival. He proclaims his innocence but he’s run out of chances. Guess we’ll never know the truth.

    Mike Tyson – Iron Mike spend a few years in jail for raping a woman. Tyson swears he didn’t do it, but the courts said differently. We don’t think he ever recovered.

    Don King – Wayyyy before he was the legendary boxing promoter, Don was in jail for murder. Looks like that was a solid jumpstart to his career. Good for him…we guess.

    Ray Lewis – Lewis had a fantastic Super Bowl weekend back in 2000. All he did was possibly stab someone to death. Again, he was found not guilty. You see a pattern here?

    Ben Roethlisberger – Big Ben has been accused of rape…TWICE! And regardless of if he did it or not, the fact he’s put these women in precarious situations shows there’s something going on in his life he needs to work out. Just throw the damn football.

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