Bossip Exclusive: Dwyane Wade Dirty Dog Chronicles Part 2! And Guess Who Else She’s Been Sleeping With…

- By Bossip Staff

Dwyane Wade andPunkin Andrea Juarez

Hoe’s Be Winning!

Remember last week when one of our sources revealed how Dwyane Wade has been chopping down broads right and left for YEARS now?

Well D. Wade has another jump off that has been brought to our attention! Her name is Pumpkin aka Andrea Juarez! According to our sources, Punkin and D.Wade have been dealing with each other for 9 years! Yes… 9 years! You know what that means, she was there when he was married and during the Gabrielle Union saga….

Awwwww Shizzah! Flip for more of this!

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  • team nymphis

    there will never be a shortage of hoes or tricks to treatem

  • Miamee305

    Well, duh!!! It’s no secret in Miami D. Wade is a big hoe….. I was suprised Siovaughn didn’t tell the truth about the STD he really gave her…..but I’m sure his lawyers and $$$$ prevented that…..

  • Redbonelicious

    Hoes be hoein!!

  • Redbonelicious

    Hoes Be Hoein !!!!!

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  • givmeabrek

    I guess you can’t fault her for wanting her 15 min…..I guess she lietrally takes these saying to heart “P***Y ain’t Free” and “Get in where you fit in”…

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