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Bianca Kambers, Kris Humphries Ex, is talking that attention sloring stuff.

Bianca is 28 and a nurse. Bianca Kambers says that Kris told her he thought the Kardashians were “nothing”:

“He would never watch the [Kardashian] show with me. He always bad talked it and said it was a trashy show and that it was garbage. He’d ask “why are you watching that?” ‘And he would say, “there’s nothing to it… What are they even famous for?” He had absolutely no interest.’” “He said she was only famous for having a sex tape… and that I looked better than her.” Bianka said she met him at a Canadian nightclub and “My first impression was ‘athlete, absolutely not’ because they’re usually just players after every girl they can get. He asked me for my phone number and I politely told him no. But he ended up getting it from a mutual friend and he called and left me a message. I didn’t return it but he kept calling– he was really persistent. He was funny, spontaneous and he could be charming at times in his own way. He also had great family values and was raised Christian like me. He did sweet things like pack my lunch, drive me to work and do my laundry.” October of 2010. Bianka said, “About three weeks after that I found out he started seeing Kim,. At that point I deleted his phone number.” “As soon as I found out Kris and Kim were in a relationship, I deleted his number. I’ve had no contact with him whatsoever. I’ve moved on.” “Kris had no flirting skills whatsoever. Flirting to him was like burping and like blowing it in your face or farting and then throwing the covers over your head. Literally, as gross as it sounds, that’s how he like broke the ice and that was his flirting. Playful but very immature.”

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