The 10 Most Notorious Groupies Of The Past

Throwback Slores: 10 Of The Most Notorious Groupies And Hoes Of Yesteryear

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It’s 2011. Hoes don’t know their places. They’ve got TV shows, book deals and their own fans! What happened to the good old days? These chicks knew what was up.

Back before all of these extra lucrative deals started popping up to make hoes millionaires, they had to get by on their own. Let’s look back at some groupies and hoes that made their fame the old-fashioned hoe-y way.

Tyra Banks – Yeah, we’re not pulling punches. When Tyra was just a model, she was getting chopped down by NBA ballers left and right. Chris Webber was the most popular but Derek Jeter also got in those cakes. Act uppity now, but we saw you back in the day, Tyra.

Pamela Anderson – She had an “acting” career from Baywatch but she’s most famous for having homemade videos with rockstars across the world. She was the happy-go-lucky jumpoff to the rockers. Who cares? If we saw her in Playboy we were good to go.

Marilyn Monroe – She’s the most famous ho of the 20th century! Marilyn banged President Kennedy AND his brother. That’s a who’s who in side-piece history. Plus she’s one of the most beautiful Beckys of all time!

Robin Givens – Givens damn near ruined Mike Tyson’s career with her gold digging ways. She’s the poster child of gold diggery. No, that’s not the most awesome title to have, but she definitely has it. Pity any man that falls for it.

Pamela Des Barres – You may not have heard of her, but she’s one of the most famous hoes of the old days. She’s been with Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon and a ton of other rockstars. Know the movie “Almost Famous”? That groupie character was based on her.

Carmen – She’s notorious for getting piped down by Jay-Z and Nas. Yeah, she wrote a book about it, but that’s about it. Maybe she’ll land on Hip-Hop Jumpoffs or whatever that TV show is called these days.

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Carmen Electra –
She was Prince’s pet project and even had Dennis Rodman rebounding that yang left and right. Of course, she went on to any and other rocker/rapper she could find before getting it together.

Heather Hunter – She’s a 90s adult film star and she looooved her some rappers. She was even in Tupac’s “How Do You Want It”. There have always been rumors about which rappers and athletes chopped her down, but she’s kept too low a profile in recent years to find out.

Tawny Kitaen – She was the original video vixen ho. All of those hair bands had Tawny featured heavily in all of their videos. She went on to bang half of them and get addicted to who knows what kind of drugs. Cinderella story.

Alejandra Jackson – She has children with Jermaine and Randy Jackson. So her kids are brothers and cousins at the same damn time. That’s being a ho for real! Plus she’s doubling up on that Jackson child support money.


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