The Favorite Child: We Pick The Hottest Sibling Out Of Each Superstar Family

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Momma doesn’t pick favorites. But we do!

Famous families breed incredibly hot sisters which is a blessing for the rest of us. Actually, we wouldn’t mind if their parents went at it some more and created more beautiful kids that would grow up and let us gawk at them forever. But beggars can’t be choosers.

We will, though, pick the hottest sibling in each family. Let the debate begin!

The Kardashians – This is a two horse race and you know it. It’s between Kim and Kourtney. Sorry, Khloe. If you’re in to the tiny frame, Kourtney’s your girl. But we like em thick around here. Kimmy Cakes FTW.

The Simmons Sisters – Angela wins the thick race. But if we had to pick one, it’d have to be Vanessa. But really, you can’t go wrong.

Beyonce and Solange – Come on. This isn’t fair. But let’s not short change Solange. She’s still fine, short or long hair.

Venus and Serena Williams –
Venus dolls up with the best of them. But Serena is easily the hottest athlete on the planet. So her own family is no competition.

Braxtons – While Toni is the most popular Braxton and totally hot. We think Tamar is a dark horse pick. She’s got a ton going for her in the looks department. Can’t go wrong with any of the top two though.

Janet and LaToya Jackson – Basically, this is just an excuse to post a picture of Janet. LaToya never stood a chance. At all.

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    The Mowry Sisters – They’re twins so this is pretty difficult. Actually, we’re going to cop out and say it’s a tie. That’s fair in this case right? Good.

    Mary Kate and Ashley – Totally dude! We’re going to go for the one that is the least coked out. Mary Kate, right? Is that the one Kanye supposedly chopped down? Ah well, we’ll just choose their little sister Elizabeth and keep it moving.

    The Cruz Sisters – While Penelope gets all the love and adoration, we’re going to go with the surprise Monica because she’s just unbelievable. it makes us shed a single tear.

    Amber and Dez Rose – Don’t sleep on Dez. She’s a looker. But unless Amber Rose’s “sister” is an actual angel descended from on high, we’re not passing on her. Tough competition, we know.

    Ashley and Jessica Simpson – Each one has had her fair share of falling off and coming back and falling off again. But Jessica’s highs far outweigh (no pun intended) her lows.

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