Pump The Brakes Pt. 1: The Most Famous Celebrity DUIs Of All Time…With Mugshot Pics!

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Leave the drank at home, people!

It seems like every week someone gets arrested for a DUI. Which means every week we get some sort of mugshot to back up the story. And some celebrities just enjoy giving us hilarious pics to enjoy as well. Why shouldn’t we laugh at them? They’re idiots for driving drunk so ridicule is the least of their worries.

Paris Hilton – We don’t know if she was drunk or just driving while stupid. Either way, get her off the road.

Mel Gibson – The best part wasn’t his actual arrest. It was him calling a cop “sugar tits” and his anti-semitic rant. Those were the good days.

Khloe Kardashian – Now that she’ll be bored as hell in Dallas, maybe she’ll get a good old-fashioned Texas arrest.

Nicole Richie – This was when she was running around with Paris. So of course she got a DUI too. SMH.

Lindsay Blo-ho – Another day another DUI. *yawn*

Charles Barkley – Chuck just wanted some dome from some random chick. He was so drunk that he offered to get his cop to get a taste of the stranger’s goods too. Hilarity.

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    Vivica A. Fox – Crazy Aunt Viv at it again. Back in 2007 during her post-50 breakdown, she went driving with a little happy sauce in her system. Not a good look.

    Flo-Rida – Driving drunk in a Maserati?! The car is worth more than he is!

    DMX – Pick one. He’s been arrested a million times and all car-related. Please make him stop.

    Rima Fakih – Miss USA turned wrestler was recently arrested for a DUI. That’s what happens when you kick it with Lil Jon.

    Jalen Rose – Athletes get it in too! Jalen was doing his thing at ESPN when he had the DUI but still, it was big news. Too many martinis.

    Mike Tyson – Look at his face! No, not just the tattoo. Look at his mouth! He’s having a blast.

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