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People just can’t shut their damn traps these days.

These famous people let some pretty important secrets slip out when it was probably best for them to eat a big slice of the “stop talking” juice. But they didn’t and instead decided to ruin a whole lot of lives and careers. Way to go.

Kelly Rowland – She’s going to be the most innocent member of this list as her “snitching” was a harmless mistake. After all the speculation, she accidentally told the world the sex of Bey Bey’s baby! Whoops!

Gillie The Kid- Ever heard of him? Didn’t think so. But he’s the guy that’s responsible for everyone knowing that Lil Wayne and Baby kiss eachother on the lips. Dude had sour grapes that YM didn’t give him enough so he told the world. Realllll classy stuff.

50 Cent – Ugh, he’s the worst. Fiddy once told the world about a murder in A SONG! But he’s also doling out people’s personal info. He recorded a Young Buck voicemail and even had Rick Ross’s baby momma dish out all kinds of dirt. No shame.

Kobe – When interrogated about his Colorado butt excavation, Kobe asked the police why they didn’t go after Shaq, who he said did that stuff all the time. That’s your teammate!

Shaq – But Diesel isn’t innocent, himself. Shaq Daddy just put out a book where he dished on all of Kobe’s misbehavior and LeBron’s baby ways, too. The Lakers are just petty.

Superhead –She told on husbands across the world with her ode to oral sex of a book. Men were all nervous when her info came out.

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Steve Williams – Tiger’s caddy threw Tiger all up under the damn bus. He was all talking about how he wanted Tiger to chill out and everything. Stick to your meal ticket!

Jay-Z – Jigga spilled the beans on wax that he banged Nas’s baby momma. That’s got to be awkward as hell. You didn’t have to put her biz out there like that Hov.

Jose Canseco – Jose blew the lid on the steroid scandal in baseball. He told the world about which players were doping up. What happened to your fraternity?



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