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Yes, there’s an app for that…SMH!

Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn: If documenting your thoughts, meals, jobs and latest party-going isn’t holding your interest the way it once did, a new app could spice things up. The “I Just Made Love” app allows you to do exactly what the name suggests: announce your latest sexual encounter to the world. (The app’s tagline? “Tell the world! … make everybody jealous!”)

And there’s more: The new tool, which is available for both Android and iPhone, also lets you log-in and put a GPS marker on the location of your latest tryst.

When logging their lovin’, users can select location tags such as outdoor, indoor, in a car or on a boat. Unfortunately, there’s no Usher-style “love in this club” tag, but it is possible to choose “love positions” (depicted using stick figures in these various positions), select your gender and sexual orientation, indicate whether you used protection and leave general comments. Although it might seem logical to include some feedback and constructive criticism for one’s partner in the comments section, users seem to prefer less verbose responses such as “Home,” “Awesome,” “Cool” and “WHAAAM.”

The “I Just Made Love” website also features a Love Counter which tracks total trysts logged. Visitors can view a world map which tracks where users are logging from the sex they just had. The biggest hub seems to be Eastern Europe, where there are currently 54,879 markers. 26,137 “love acts” have been recorded in the midwestern United States, while 10,436 have been logged from the northeastern states. The overall counter is currently at 201,049 and that number will only increase as more people use the app. The Daily Mail reported that the Android version alone has been downloaded 10,000 times.

My, my, how the times have changed…

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