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Get ya praise on and get healthy!

A new study is saying that people who attend and participate in church frequently are also more likely to have lower blood pressure than those who do not.

The study, “The Relationship Between Religious Attendance and Blood Pressure: The Hunt Study,” was conducted by researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

“It is a lot more complex of a relationship than simply going to church and your blood pressure decreasing,” insists co-author Dr. Harold G. Koenig. “If going to church leads you to a deeper relationship with God, as a result a deeper sense of peace and a more loving relationship with your neighbor, then it could indeed affect blood pressure.”

Critics (and atheists) however aren’t buying it.

“Of course, when people regularly participate in a community, be it church, synagogue, or an atheist club, they are going to be healthier because they have more human interaction and a social support network,” says American Humanist Association executive director of the Roy Speckhardt to the Christian Post. “To measure whether or not churches provide a benefit that atheist clubs do not, a study would have to compare attendance to both instead of just looking at frequency of church attendance.”

Authors of the study want to expand their research into other religions including Islam and Judaism.

It looks like you may want to hit up that praise house and get your health together. Of course, there’s no exactly link between the two, but it can’t hurt, right? We thought so.




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