Don’t Be THAT Person: The 10 Stupid Mistakes People Make On New Year’s

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New Year’s Eve night is full of fun parties…and horrible mistakes.

People tend to act pretty damn crazy as the clocks gets closer to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Folks get out of control and do things that can either be dangerous or incredibly awkward. Don’t ruin your New Year’s by making bad choices. Good thing you have us to help guide you through it!

Drinking And Driving – This is the first and most important mistake. Get a designated driver or a taxi. If you have to, write your address on your hand so you can just show it to the driver and get home safely.

Drunk Dial/Text – This is a major way to get yourself caught up in some isht on New Year’s. Don’t get drunk and start texting and drunk dialing your emotions to people. Just give your friend your phone instead.

Bring In The New Year With A One Night Romp – The mood hits you and you’re kicking it with a total stranger. Next thing you know, you’re in a one night stand to make you feel special for the new year. But come morning, you’ll be a tad disappointed.

Send A Mass Text – You know who the worst people in the world are? Mass texters. If you send out a text to a million people right at midnight like “Happy New Year! I luv each and every1 of you with all my heart! SWeEtBaBYBunz2012” then you deserve to not have any more friends.

Be Alone – You might think it sounds cool to spend the New Year all alone with a glass of wine. But trust, you’ll hate it. It’s not fun and you’ll be singing Drake songs to get through the pain.

Break Up – Don’t be a douche. Wait a week or so to break up. Don’t do it as the ball is dropping.

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    Spend It At A Strip Club – You’ll be broke and horny. And prone to make even worse mistakes.

    Make An Unrealistic Resolution – Chances are you’re NOT going to lose 150 pounds, find true love AND make a million dollars in 2012. Set realistic goals so you won’t be disappointed.

    Invest In One Party – Here’s a trick: diversify your party options. Plan it out so you’re not stuck at one crappy party all night. Go off to a few different parties through the night and pick the best one. It’s like stocks.

    Catch Feelings – Don’t be that guy or girl that gets caught up in the fireworks and wine and starts telling someone you just started dating or just met that you’re suddenly in love. That’s about as lame as it gets, buddy.

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