James Brown’s Son-in-Law Murdered

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Darren Lumar has been killed according to a report by Livesteez:

The son-in-law of the late soul singer James Brown was shot to death Wednesday (Nov. 5) night in the garage of his Buckhead home. Relatives of Darren “Chip” Lumar told the news station they believe the killing was a hit. Investigators said the shooter was waiting for Lumar.

“When he drove up to park his car in the garage, he was confronted. An altercation of some sort took place. That’s when the victim was shot multiple times,” said Atlanta police Officer Eric Schwartz.

The neighborhood where Lumar lived is a gated community. “I think it was somebody that knew him,” Schwartz said.

Witnesses said after the gunman shot Lumar, it appeared the perpetrator was side-stepping away, as if he was looking to see if anyone was watching him. The witnesses said he then rounded a corner, possibly jumping a fence, and got into a car that was waiting for him, reports CBS46.com.

This story reeks of foul play, and hopefully they bring closure to this matter very quickly so the family can start to grieve appropriately. It just seems like this family is plagued with excess drama and misfortune. SMH

Check out the entire story.

Here’s a picture of Darren Lumar.

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  • Cockblocka

    One up!

  • da darkness

    Peace sign with my hands to the Brown family and Atl

  • Mock Rock Star(Mock Rock loves U)

    RIP brother…Damn…Buckhead is the ghetto also…ATL we can do better than this…

  • Playlist

    Top 5 >> RIP Brotha

  • G Money

    Damn! That’s F’d up!

  • lil latte

    Just because it’s a gated community don’t mean its safer than any other neighborhood. I live in a gated community and believe me there are plenty of ways to get in. Security doesn’t get paid that much…

  • 1500bytoday.com

    Thats very sad….


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  • Vinandi


    gun crime in the USA is off the scale!

  • Creole Baby Justa Snare & a 808

    stop the violence yo — obama is president

  • OBAMA 2008...anything less is simply retarded

    Seriously….folks need to grow up….we need bullet control

  • sewr e

    oh, come on ,who is he, the gossipy ppl at ^*^*SUGARBABYMEET.c om *^^*^*are going to talk about him………

  • Aries Chica

    R.I.P much respect I hate foolishness!


    wtf is going on with these old generation stars and their kids, Bill, KRS1, JamesB…its a conspiracy!

  • Aunt Viv

    Goodness we need to stop the violence. Seriously.


    WOW! 😦

    Dang, I thought a change was gonna come…obviously some fools missed the message 😦

  • blaq

    And people wonder why rich black man wants to own so many guns (TI?)

  • Alexa

    I hope Yamma didnt have anything to do with this. She was cheating on him during their marriage. I mean she would pop up at NFL players houses and talk about how she hated her husband so much. Things that make you go hmmm

  • KT

    I took photos of the Mercedes he drove himself to the hospital in. There’s blood stains all over the driver’s side door on the outside of the door. So sad. Out of respect for the family, I don’t think I will post the photos online. What I can’t believe is that that car is sitting outside in the elements (rain) instead of being protected so evidence isn’t lost from being exposed. The car is at an auto body shop right outside their front door.

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