Question Of The Day: Do You Still Love ”The Game” As Much As You Did When It Got Cancelled??

- By Bossip Staff

In case you missed it, “The Game” kicked off its second season on BET last night. And there is no longer any denying that it’s just not the same show anymore.

Last night’s episode was full of drama: from the continuing tension between Derwin and Melanie, to Malik’s continuing relationship with a drug addict, to Tasha’s battle with her inability to stop enabling her son, to Jason realizing that he’s inadvertently passed on a disdain for Black men to his daughter.

Sure Tasha was there with her usual one-liners, but they seemed a little inappropriate during a scene were ninjas are trying to keep a super model from OD’ing. And even though BET finally brought back the classic sitcom laugh-track, it made the scenes more awkward than funny.

While BOSSIP was watching and tweeting last night, most of our followers felt that the first episode had too much going on and that the show definitely was missing the laugh factor. Most of viewers haven’t seen anything yet that would make them stop watching the show all together… but at this point it seems like a lot of people are “giving the show a chance.”

So we thought we’d ask:

Check out what the cast members and some of our followers had to say about Episode 1 on the flippy.

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