What Were We Thinking?! The Dumbest Fads Ever Started By Rappers

- By Bossip Staff
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Rappers are always starting fads. But sometimes the fads are big bowls of #Fail.

Everyone wants to be like rappers. So we try all kinds of different ways to be like our idols. We rocked Band-Aids, rims and shiny teeth. Sheesh. This is getting pretty embarrassing. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see which of these fads we tried our hands at.

Nelly’s Band-Aids

Jay-Z’s Colorful Button Ups – We were rocking with Jigga and the grown man look. But people took it a step further with purple, turquoise and all kinds of other weird looking shirts from Express.

All Black Everything – It’s good in principle to have black in your wardrobe. But people went crazy trying to rock black every single day. Looking like some damn goths.

Extra Long White Tees

Skinny Jeans – People are still doing this…but we hope this goes away soon.

Spinning Rims

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    Super Large Platinum Bling – It’s a recession! That finally died down thank goodness.

    Grills – Be honest. You still have one in your medicine cabinet.

    Throwback Jerseys – Throwbacks aren’t exactly bad, but asking us to pay $300 for them was ridiculous. And people actually paying? Even worse!

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