Little Guys With Big Swag: Men Of Miniature Proportions Who Stay High On Self-Esteem

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You don’t have to be big to be a bad muhfugga, just ask these guys!

For example, last night when the Lakers squared off against the Clippers, Pau Gasol tried to son Chris Paul, who at 6’0, can only be considered short by other NBA players. Gasol laid hands on Paul’s head, like he was going to tousle his hair or something and Chris let it be known he wasn’t having it! He might not be the shortest guy around, but he’s a great example of how small can beat out tall. We found some other guys of more miniature stature that are also big on swag.

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Floyd Mayweather 5’7

Some folks say Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the perfect example of the Napolean complex at work. The guy loves to run his mouth and clearly never backs down from a fight. He also likes to let it be know that while he might be small his stacks are very very tall.

Peter Dinklage 4’5

This guy has been doing it big in Hollyweird for a minute, but we love him best for his role as Tyrion “The Imp” Lannister on “Game of Thrones.” Tyrion talks big ish and backs it up — okay, sometimes he pays for other folks to back it up, but still. The smallest member of of the wealthy clan flashes his cash and keeps his hoes in check, homeboy stays slaying them broads.

Tom Cruise 5’7

Hollyweird has flourished under the reign of ruling mighty munchkin Tom Cruise, who has been bold enough to give Oprah the “Fawk Yo Couch” treatment and pulled a plethora of women both petite and Amazonian. So what if he wears lifts in his kicks?

Kevin Hart 5’2

His height may have made him the butt of the joke for a long time but look who’s laughing now? The comedian stepped his game up in 2011 with some major moves on the big screen and in commercials. And he bounced back post-divorce with a bad PYT too.

We couldn’t find accurate height stats for the DC rapper who is famed for having one of the biggest egos in the game. Lucky for him his latest album Ambition lived up to the hype. Hopefully one day his bank account will be swole as his dome.

Emmanuel “Webster” Lewis 3’6

The guy spent his childhood getting toted around by Michael Jackson! And he’s a TV icon. Too bad he’s been having some financial problems lately, all that aside the actor’s legacy continues to loom large.

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    T.I. 5’8

    The epitome of big man swag in a little man’s body. T.I. has had major success in the music game and in the streets and is even beginning to conquer, television, film and publishing. What you know about that?

    Bow Wow 5’6
    His music career has seen greater heights, but Bow Wow is still gwappin’ it up in the acting game and baggin’ bad broads. But we really saw the rapper act like a big man last year when his daughter Shai was born. Go head Big Daddy Bow Wow.

    Prince 5’2

    He might be short but he’s one of the biggest in the game, with a discography of hits longer than than a little bit. Prince goes hard with the hoes too. He’s married and divorced some of the baddest broads out. Keep making it Purple Rain on them hoes…

    Jermaine Dupri 5’3

    J.D. has been working his little man swag for a long time. Literally ushering some of the biggest talent in music to the forefront of the industry, all while holding down his spot as one of hip-hop’s hottest producers and one of the lucky few to call Janet Jackson his lady.

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