A list of the 10 hottest hood classic books

Reading Is Fun-damental: 10 Of Hottest “Hood Classic” Books And Their Authors

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Trick Baby by Iceberg Slim

In the book, Trick Baby, Iceberg Slim (Robert Beck) recounts the tale of a young man known by the street name White Folks. White Folks grew up in a poor neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, and became one of the most powerful con men the city had ever known. This book tells the story of the life of a con man, and reveals the secrets of the con.

Both the street name of White Folks, and the hateful name “Trick Baby” he was often referred to were based upon his interracial heritage. He was raised by his black mother, but had the appearance of his white father (who abandoned the family while he was very young). He was 6’2” with blond hair and blue eyes, not to mention his white skin. But growing up in a black neighborhood, with a black mother, he identified with the black race. This caused many hardships, including the hateful name, “Trick Baby.” This was because many people assumed he was the progeny of a prostitute who had become pregnant from a white john, or trick.




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