What’s In YOUR Closet: A Gallery Of Men That Keep Getting Called “Suspect”…And The Women That Love Them

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How are these relationships even working?!

These celebrity men are constantly called “suspect” for various reasons, but despite everyone’s accusations, they’re finding love with women and spitting in the face of rumors. These are the relationships that have formed. Do you buy them or do these dudes need more people? And do you think the women know?

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John Legend – Engaged to super hot Chrssy Tiegen. *cough*

Terrence Howard – He was married to Michelle…but things got weird.

Ne-Yo – He got kids with Monyetta Shaw. KIDS!

Trey Songz – He stays groping chicks on stage. SMH

Al Reynolds – Did he EVER seem comfortable around Star? You wouldn’t either, but still…

Tom Cruise – He’s one half of TomKat. We’re not sure if he’s the Tom or the Kat.

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    Tyler Perry and the tooth fairy – He said he almost got some chick pregnant. *Side-eye*

    Eddie Murphy – We’ve all heard about his supposed secret affair, but he’s still wifing chicks and getting others pregnant. These chicks will never learn.

    Omarion – Here’s some chick that obviously doesn’t read the news.

    Chris Bosh – His wife loves him even though people think he goes hard in the muthaphizzuckin’ paint.

    Sisqo – This picture, tho! Hahaaaaa

    Diddy – The inner rap circles have had Diddy rumors forever. But he’s still chopping down Diaz and Cassie like it’s nothing…so back off!

    David Otunga – He’s just so much of a bizzynitch that he gets called all kinds of suspect. But J Hud blindly loves him.


    Alicia Keys – They’ve said she’s liked girls for a long time…but she’s with Swizzy. And if you were him you wouldn’t care either way.

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