Crystal Warren “I Was Born A Man… Now I’m A Sex Fanatic And Have Slept With Over 1000 Men! [Video]

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Who got it in with this?:

After spotting a gorgeous young man on her way to the shops, Crystal Warren couldn’t wait to speak to him on her way home. She’d spent her whole grocery trip daydreaming about where they could sneak off for some illicit sx

Two hours later, after flirting outrageously with the total stranger and talking her way into his bed, she was back at home, delighted at how her afternoon had panned out.

But this sxual encounter wasn’t a one-off moment of passion she planned to gossip about later with friends. In fact, it was pretty unremarkable for Crystal, a sx addict, like the character played by Michael Fassbender in the new movie, Shame.

“People don’t usually associate sx addiction with women,” says retail manager Crystal, 42. “We’re normally the ones accused of making excuses before the lights go off but with me it’s different. I think about sx all day.”

Crystal, who lives in Brighton, was born in a Somerset town. Her parents split up when she was five and she puts her chronic addiction down to witnessing the breakdown of their marriage. “Looking back it was watching all this when I was very young that has made me the way I am,” she says. “I see the pain relationships cause.”

Crystal lost her virginity at 15 with a school friend, and believes she became an addict straight away. “I felt empowered after I lost my virginity,” she says. “I loved the feeling of being wanted so badly by the boy I lost it to.”

She was soon having sx with boys her age and bedding someone new every other month. By the time she was 17 she had slept with 40 people. “I didn’t think anything of it at the time,” she says.“I thought all the girls in my village were experimenting, too.

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