Man Cheats And Swirls With Lesbian Couple: Is Jerry Springer A Bad Portrayal Of The Gays? [Video]

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This is what the LGBT community wrote under the video:

I’m not proud of uploading this show but it’s important to see how the lgbt community is portrayed on TV — especially on supposedly non-fiction and “reality” TV. Yes, some viewers actually believe this stuff. I had friends from Germany who thought that this show represents the average American! I had no idea that it was seen around the world.

In a 2002 TV Guide poll. the show was voted “the Worst TV Show Ever.” And in 1998, many stations refused to air an episode titled, “I Married a Horse.” I may have seen that episode in an archive, which includes a woman who married her washing machine because sitting on the vibrating appliance gave her orgasms. That same year, the NY Times found that each episode had 85-130 bleeps for unacceptable language. In 2000, Springer admitted to Reuters, “I would never watch my show. I’m not interested in it. It’s not aimed towards me. This is just a silly show.”

In Springer’s defense, he treats everyone equally. Heterosexuals look just as ridiculous. In that sense, this show is actually very pro-gay in that gays are treated as just normal — or abnormal — Americans. As a sidenote, poorly-educated and lower-economic Blacks and Southerners make up the bulk of their guests so one can argue that those groups are more victimized.

As for the British-born Springer, he’s actually very intelligent and quick-witted. He has a law degree and was mayor of Cincinnati, OH. He ends each show with a serious commentary that can easily be part of a NY Times Op-Ed. I also have a copy of Springer’s show before it became stupid. The topic was gay rodeos and Springer was no worse than Oprah. There was no exploitation or titillation, and lots of information. It went downhill in 1994 to get ratings and by 1998, he was beating Oprah in many cities.

Turn the page to see the video of the episode of Jerry Springer this gay person is blogging about.

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