Kanye West Arrested in England

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Kanye West is behind bars this morning according to Livesteez:

Rap superstar Kanye West was arrested after an alleged run-in with a photographer outside a nightclub in Newcastle on Friday morning.

The rapper was arrested on suspicion of assault outside the Tup Tup Palace, reports Britain’s Evening Chronicle.

“We can confirm that a 31-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault following an incident at a Newcastle city center club in the early hours of this morning,” said a Northumbria Police spokeswoman. “He was released without charge and no further action is being taken.”

Earlier in the night, West performed a sold out show at the Metro Radio Arena as part of his Glow in the Dark world tour, according to People.com.

This is not the rap star’s first clash with the paparazzi. In September, the “Love Lockdown” hitmaker he was arrested for vandalism at the Los Angeles airport after allegedly damaging a photographer’s camera.

We don’t know whether it’s the Paparazzi overdoing it, or Kanye being too much of a diva, but one of these parties has got it coming to them. We’ll be sure to let you know which one it is as soon as we find out more details.



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  • Ms.Cinnamon08

    He didn’t write “Flashing Lights” for nothing!!They need to leave that man alone..

  • Special K

    I mean what does he expect at his caliber of celebrity. I mean he has to know that he will have to put up with some paparazzi that is just the luck of the draw in the business he is in.

  • *MiSsUndersto0d*

    damn yeezy, guess its safe to say he dont like da paparazzi *shrug*

  • Ki

    Kanye is a cutie

  • ...YUP!

    @shalonda and ki …umm wow!

    anywho …

    wth is up wit yeezy and these temper tantrums? his mom mustve been on of those ‘kanye you better not do that, kanye your gonna go to your special corner if u dont stop’ kinda parents because this dude acts out!

  • ...YUP!

    oh and does anyone remember when ashton kutcher punked him he toook the camera and start running lol wth is up with this dude and cameras

  • Kimmie More

    Cute pic of Kanye…what happened?

  • Tasha

    Oh grow up Kanye. He should just ignore them. As long as they don’t touch him or stick their camera in his face and touch his nose let them click away.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Man Kanye Going Through His Phase ill Give Him A Year Then Its Back To Theat Good ol Kanye we know

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Man Kanye Going Through His Phase ill Give Him A Year Then Its Back To to good music

  • Mr. Swagg'Fresh

    go to kanyeuniversity.com and read the whole thing. paps are taken it too far, yeezy should have b**ch slapped a couple of’em!!

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