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This guy was crazy:

An Alabama man who stabbed a Mobile police officer to death, stole a police cruiser and then shot another officer on Friday was shot and killed by officers after a standoff.

The chain of events started early Friday morning when Lawrence Wallace Jr. walked into a store with a lighter and lighting fluid and ordered the cashier to hand over the money that was in the register.

As the cashier was handing over the money, Wallace jumped over the counter and began spraying the lighter fluid on the floor and started a fire.

An off-duty officer who was in the store tackled Wallace to the ground and then cuffed him.

Mobile Mayor Samuel Jones told reporters that Wallace was taken to metro jail and while at the station Wallace stabbed Officer Steven Green.

It is unclear whether Officer Green was the off-duty cop who apprehended Wallace and Mayor Samuel did not say what weapon was used to stab the officer and how Wallace was able to obtain it.

Mayor Jones said Wallace then stole a police cruiser which started a massive manhunt for the fugitive.

Officers later found the police cruiser without Wallace.

Twenty-four year old Wallace was later found hiding under a house and during a standoff Wallace shot an officer.

Police opened fire killing Wallace.

It is unclear how Wallace was able to obtain the gun.

The story says “Officer Green.” Well, Officer Green is in the video driving Wallace down to the jail after being apprehended.

Turn the page for the video of this guy saying he was gonna kill the cop in the news walk from the jail to the car.



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