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Show a little respect, d-bags.

Black women are great. We love and respect them. Our moms are Black women. So why would anyone go out of their way to blatantly insult and disrespect them? We don’t know, but we do know these guys are pretty dumb for their rudeness! Do you think these men have been forgiven or deserve forgiveness?

Sound off!

Tyrese – He delivered a PSA blaming independent women for being single. Because they’re too independent. Good call, Baby Boy.

Taye Diggs – Bad ratings? Don’t blame Taye. Because he said it was Black women’s faults for not tuning in because he says they’re bitter he went with a White woman. Well, if you weren’t annoying before, this’ll do the trick.

Slim Thug – “Black Women should stand by their man more” And with those words, Thugga pissed off millions.

R. Kelly – He…took…a…peepee on a teenage girl. That should have ended his career but whatever.

Morgan Freeman – He left his strong black woman for…*gulp*…his step granddaughter. Can you imagine how disgusting that is? He knew her since she was a baby!

Tiger Woods – No problem with him marrying a white chick. But it was just exclusively white mistresses and he was all like “take this Black [expletive]” but he NEVER calls himself Black unless he’s trying to bang an Applebee’s waitress.

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Wesley Snipes – After a rumor spread that he had an issue with Black women durng an Ebony interview, he had some trouble. Now he’s more worried about the IRS than Black women.

Terrence Howard – He’s always been extremely creepy and the sketchiest celebrity around. Then he said this.

John Mayer – He said that he’s never attracted to Black women because his peen is like a White supremacist.


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