Just Stop Talking! People That Sound Dumb As Hell Every Time They Talk

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Just shut your traps.

Every day, we get to read and listen to dumb quotes. And so often, they come from the same few idiots that keep yapping away and sounding stupid.

Want to know who they are? Here are a few of those people. Add some of your own at the end.

Snooki – What in the hell could she possibly have spoken about at Rutgers? All she talks about is hooking up and farting.

Kim K – She just cries and makes little sense. Just shake it…silently.

Gucci Mane – Gucci knows two words: Gucci and Brrr. The end.

Ray J – Remember that Ray/Fabolous fight and the radio interview? Yeah, it’s best he just shut his trap.

Lil Wayne – We think sizzurp may have rotted his brain cells.

Herman Cain – We kind of wish Herman would come back and make the world a dumber place again. We miss him.

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    Tila Tequila – She’s mastered the art of sloring. And sounding like a 4th grader.

    Jessica Simpson – Remember when she thought buffalo wings were made from buffalo? Case closed.

    Kreayshawn – She does nothing well. Can we agree on that?

    Nancy Grace – She’s the worst journalist ever. And she’s part of Fox News so you know she sucks.

    Ron Artest – The Lakers should get penalized a game every time he speaks.

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