Shrouded In Mystery: The Most Controversial Celebrity Deaths Of All Time

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These deaths shook us and we still have questions!

It’s so unfortunate to lose people we care about and are fans of. But it’s worse when we have unanswered questions and the deaths are mired in controversy. These 10 deaths were so bizarre and mysterious that we’ll be talking about them forever.


JFK – He was assassinated in front of a crowd of people. While it was supposedly Oswald that did it, there’s no way anyone believes that. Was it the CIA? The mafia? Both?

Malcolm X – He was murdered by three members of the Nation Of Islam during a speech, but the CIA and NYPD are implicated, too. We may never get to the bottom of this.

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Another public assassination, but the real killers were still probably never brought to justice.

Bruce Lee – He was the most healthy man in the world, but he died from sudden heart failure. People say he fell victim to a phantom punch or was poisoned. We still want to know!

Tupac – He was killed in heavy traffic in Las Vegas and the police haven’t come close to finding out what happened. Dude got shot in front of a hundred cars and nobody saw anything? SMH

Notorious B.I.G. – Died the exact same way Pac did and there’s been no justice. Just hidden evidence.

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    Aaliyah – A plane crash took her too soon. We just hate how the company handled the flight. Who doesn’t still miss Aaliyah?

    Left Eye – Her car crash death was horrible but the documentary showing the crash was the controversy. That was disgusting.

    Michael Jackson – The prescription drugs and the Conrad Murray scandal left us all shook. We know there are still secrets out there.

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