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Groupies got stories to tell.

With wives, jumpoffs and side pieces getting TV shows and books, they’re all out there telling intimate details on the celebrities that chopped them down. Whatever happened to these people following a code and keeping their mouths shut?

Either way, take these stories with a grain of salt as we can’t confirm any of it. They’re still pretty revealing and scandalous.

Young Jeezy – One groupie was very unimpressed by what she received from Jeezy. Key quote: “Have you ever driven all the way across town, wasted your gas and mileage just to find out your favorite store is closed? That’s how I felt about these worthless miles I just put on my p****.” He’s the Snowman, so maybe he was cold!

Ashton Kutcher – Ashton’s hot tub jumpoff told every magazine in earshot about Ashton’s not wanting to use protection and his rushed ways. We bet Demi didn’t want to see that.

Tiger Woods (and his unfortunate shirt) – His groupies talked about how he wanted to go raw and only bought one a Subway sandwich for her troubles. Come better than that, Tiger.

Jay-Z – Superhead gave this review: “you can’t stand looking at him when he’s on top.” Another groupie has said that Jay’s bed game is pretty boring, too. We bet Bey spruced it up a bit.

Shannon Brown – One groupie said that she lost her damn mind with him. Apparently, Shannon’s got the goods and rocker her world.

50 Cent – Superhead said he didn’t rock her world but he…um…used his brains to get ahead.

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Usher – Here’s Superhead’s review: she said tiny Ursh left her disappointed then he went and started making out with some guy! Whatevs, lady.

Kanye West – We won’t go into details but the world “golden” and “tongue” were used in the same sentence.

Drake – His ex, Catya Washington from Bad Girls Club gave this review: “He is a phenomenal peach eater. And he’s black and Jewish–and the black side is a little Mandigoish.” Well, there you have it.

Jadakiss – The anonymous groupie was not impressed at all. Hey, some guys have off days!

Tyrese – Awww one groupie said he was tender and making R&B love. But she also said he usually just likes white women.

Andre 3000 – “He’s like a boyfriend, he gives you what you want, gets what he wants, he’s verbal, but not vulgar. He’s just a grown man about it all.” Plus apparently he likes tighty whities too.



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