Happy Leap Day! Stars That Wished They Could Have Skipped The Last Four Years

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These people wish these last four years didn’t happen…

Leap year comes once every four years to set the calendar back in order because we can’t come up with a calendar as good as the Mayans. It’s a special, rare occasion where weird stuff happens. But these stars wish they could just skip from last year to this one because their last four years have been so awful.

Here are some stars that wish they could have skipped from 2008 to 2012.

Kim Kardashian – She’s become the biggest attention slore in the country in the last couple of years with a divorce to boot.

Ja Rule – His career has continued to circle the toilet bowl and now he’s in jail. Holla holla!

50 Cent – He got dumped by Chelsea Handler and all he’s got going on is his energy drink. Womp womp.

Lil Kim – She probably wants to skip the last couple of leap years, honestly.

Chris Brown – Breezy is now the most hated singer in the country. He probably wants to go back to when he was just hugging his boo and being a beloved pop-locker.

T.I. – He’s been in jail for most of the past four years…at least he’s had Tiny by his side.

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    Chris Tucker – He hasn’t made a movie and he damn sure hasn’t saved his money.

    Wesley Snipes – He’s spent the last few years ducking the IRS and was in hiding in Africa for a while, too.

    LeBron James – LeBron is now the most hated basketball player around when he was so beloved back in 2008. And his hairline isn’t getting any better.

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