Mike Epps' daughter speaks to Bossip about her father's threats, him being a deadbeat dad, and his secret love child

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Epps’ Daughter Bria Monae Speaks To Bossip About Her Father’s Threats, Drug Use, Deadbeat Steez, And His OTHER Secret Love Child!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip: Obviously, most people have read the story today about what is going on between you and your father. Can you tell us where the heavy tension comes from?

Bria: Acutally, I have no idea where that is coming from, I never asked him for any money, and definitely not college tuition, I don’t know where that started.

Bossip: So they just made that up?

Bria: Yeah, that’s completely made up. It all started because he was on the Wendy Williams show last Tuesday. I didn’t watch it but I got several calls that my dad was on the show. He has two daughters which is by his wife, and I have a sister that lives California that is not by his wife. People are bashing me, basically this has been going on for 18 years. People think that it’s about money. This has been going on my whole life, and I am tired of being disrespected. I am tired of my little sister being disrespected that’s why I am putting it out there.

Bossip: Do you feel like he wasn’t claiming you, or he was denying you?

Bria: I feel like he was trying to hide me

Bossip: How old is your little sister?

Bria: She is 12 years old, and she lives in California

Bossip: And what is her name?

Bria: Makayla

Bossip: So you are tired of him trying to hide you?

Bria: I am tired of being disrespected, me and my little sister, that’s why I put it on Twitter, I said my dad has more than 2 kids. He called the house phone and he was making threats “Bri, you better not leave the house, or be in my city.” Just being violent, his behavior was terrible. He called from Wednesday 11:00 at night until Thursday 8:00 in the morning non-stop. He called and texted my phone, the calls were threatening. But when he called he was making jokes about it, like you need to watch me on TV, childish comments.

Bossip: When you say he has a history of violence, is it between just you or your siblings, or your mother?

Bria: Everyone in general he is been know for punching people.

Bossip: Right, we remember the incident a few years ago with the paparazzi taking pictures of him in the restaurant.

Bria: He is a violent person in general, he is always making threats against me, my mother, his wife. He has made threats against everyone in his life.

Bossip: Do you feel like any of this is associated with drugs or is this his personality?

Bria: I think it’s both, I think the drugs has a lot to do with his behavior but he has bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, he has admitted he doesn’t take his medicine, and his behavior definitely stems from that plus the drug use.

Bossip: Right, so this all just aggravated the situation. When was the last time you guys had any interaction, like face to face?

Bria: Last time I saw him was at the Superbowl, and I haven’t spoken to him since then.

Bossip: Was it bad then or is something that switches up, where it’s good, and then bad?

Bria: Our relationship has always been rocky. There is times where we have good times, then the next minute I don’t want to have anything to do with him or talk to him, He has put my mom through a lot of things and we just haven’t had a relationship my whole life and when he came for the Superbowl that’s when things started to get rocky because his wife doesn’t like his kids before his marriage. She does crazy things, like she doesn’t like to have anything to do with us. She doesn’t want him to have anything to do with us, and that’s what I was getting tired of and that’s why I took it to the media because I was tired of hiding it. The reason why he doesn’t claim us is because of her and he has even admitted that.

Bossip: So you feel like she is the mastermind behind a lot of his anger and the reasoning behind why he is denying you?

Bria: Definitely, he has even admitted that it’s because of his wife. He will say “I can’t do this because of my wife.”

Bossip: So, in so many words you are saying he is p***y whipped.

Bria: Very much so, he is the definition of that. I also know that I have another sister in Atlanta. My dad has a 5 and 6 year old with his wife, and he has a 3 year old with a stripper in Atlanta, named Leah.

The woman’s name is Leah but the daughters name is River, she’s three years old and he had her while he was with his current wife. He is just really violent and doesn’t claim his kids he is a dead beat, he is a complete dead beat.

Bossip: Outside this rockiness of the relationship, does he support you with school or any extracurricular activities? Does he

provide any type of child support, or are you basically supported by just your mom?

Bria: My mom has never taken him to court, so when he does things it just because he feels like doing it, or when he feels obligated to do it. I have never been the type to ask him for money or say he needs to do it, because I know he’s not going to do it and if he doesn’t do it my mom will do it, or my grandparents will do it because they have it. He has never been to child support court or no one has ever had to make him pay. He has given some money here and there but it hasn’t been a lot. Like I said it’s been 18 years and my mother has never tried to get child support, so if he didn’t pay he wouldn’t get in trouble by


Bossip: We appreciate you talking with us today, is there anything you want to say to the people with mixed emotions on Twitter? There were some people who thought your dad was funny and were fans, but now a lot of people have lost a lot of respect for him. There are others that are saying you are being a brat and you are spoiled, what would you say to those accusations?

Bria: I hope I resolved the false accusations. The only thing that I could say is that they don’t know the true story. Those are the people that don’t know the true story and they are ignorant. If I am a spoiled brat or whatever there is no reason why you should talk to your child like that. Your father is suppose to be the one that says “Don’t let this person call you this or don’t take that.” Your father is suppose to protect you and he definitely hasn’t done that by what he has said to me. People are saying I just want the attention, or I haven’t got any money, I am not looking for any money, I just want to put it out there who the real Mike Epps is, and how he acts towards me and my other siblings for 18 years that’s all I wanted to do. I am not looking for any attention, people that know me know I don’t want any attention, I never brag and say “Oh I am Mike Epps’ daughter. That doesn’t matter to me. He is no one to me. For people to even to put negative name on me saying I want the money or that I am a spoiled brat, I am not a spoiled brat, I am a very humble, grateful, girl, my dad hasn’t even done enough for me to be ungrateful, my mom has done everything for me, so that’s what I would have to say.

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