Forbidden Fruit: A List Of Celebrities Who Were Spotted Playing Freaky Kissy Face With Family Members

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2 family members sitting in a tree…

We’re aware that it’s a common practice in some households to kiss other family members on the lips. These are likely the same families that feel comfortable walking around the house in their birthday suits and making out with each other at the local Target (Bobbi Kristina we see you boo).

But let’s be real, it is just plain ol’ creepy. We are judging! And that especially holds true if the family members happen to be famous. So click through to see some awkwardly freaky moments of famous family members caught locking lips.

Extreme warning: Prepare to feel sick to your stomach. Unless you are into the whole incest type of thing, in which case — enjoy! Pervs…

Wiz Khalifa and Mom– Well at least Amber won’t have to worry about other women getting at her man, just his own mother.

Mary Kate and twin sister Ashley– We know a lot of men fantasize about doing twins but we can’t seem to get past that fact that they’ll always be the little girls from “Full House”! Our childhoods just wept.

Lisa Raye and daughter Kai– After watching “Players Club” we always figured Lisa as a big ol’ freak but this is just wrong. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Angelina Jolie and brother James Haven – Angelina sure has come a long way hasn’t she? She’s stopped playing hide the tongue with her brother on various red carpets in exchange for adopting the whole rainbow coalition and stealing one of Hollywood’s leading A-list stars. You go girl?

Will Smith and son Jaden Smith– We can’t help but feel sorry for Jaden in this picture. He looks like he’s screaming “DON’T DO IT! RECONSIDER!” internally. Poor kid.

Steven Tyler and daughter Liv Tyler
– We’re not sure what is freaking us out most; the fact that Liv is kissing her father or that Steven Tyler looks like an old lesbian.

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    Kim Porter with son Quincy– Where is Diddy? Al B.Sure?? Somebody???

    Chilli with son Tron– Maybe this is the reason why Chilli can’t find a man.

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