Thickly Thick Goodness: Women That Looked Better When They Had The Extra Weight

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Celebrities That Were Hotter When Thicker

Everyone’s trying to lose weight these days. But for what? We tend to prefer ladies with a little meat on their bones or curves. Forget those skinny chicks, word to Mo’Nique. Let’s celebrate the thick goodness that these women have or once had.


Amber Rose Skinny – Yeezy kept her on a strict diet and kept her skinny.


Thicker Amber Rose – But Wiz has let her get nice and curvier. Salute him.

Skinny J-Hud – She’s been working off that weight at a fever pitch over the last few years.

Thicker Jennifer Hudson – We like J-Hud in the middle. The not-too-thick not-too-skinny. Juuuust right.

Skinny Mya – When she first showed up, she was super-skinny.

Perfect Mya – *bites Snicker*

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    Slim Nicki – As she gets more famous, she’s getting skinnier and skinnier. But those augmented cakes aren’t going anywhere.

    Thicker Nicki – We loved the Gucci Mane-era Nicki and how she had extra thickness to her. Her crazy curves didn’t seem as cartoonish, too.

    Skinny/Photoshopped Beyonce – Her weight fluctuates every day…

    Thick Bey – But our favorite is when she allows herself to stay as thick as possible. Pregnant Bey? Give us that.

    Young Rihanna – She was so young and slender at first.

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