Thickly Thick Goodness: Women That Looked Better When They Had The Extra Weight

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Celebrities That Were Hotter When Thicker

Everyone’s trying to lose weight these days. But for what? We tend to prefer ladies with a little meat on their bones or curves. Forget those skinny chicks, word to Mo’Nique. Let’s celebrate the thick goodness that these women have or once had.

amber roseWENN

Amber Rose Skinny – Yeezy kept her on a strict diet and kept her skinny.


Thicker Amber Rose – But Wiz has let her get nice and curvier. Salute him.

j hud

Skinny J-Hud – She’s been working off that weight at a fever pitch over the last few years.


Thicker Jennifer Hudson – We like J-Hud in the middle. The not-too-thick not-too-skinny. Juuuust right.


Skinny Mya – When she first showed up, she was super-skinny.


Perfect Mya – *bites Snicker*

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    Slim Nicki – As she gets more famous, she’s getting skinnier and skinnier. But those augmented cakes aren’t going anywhere.


    Thicker Nicki – We loved the Gucci Mane-era Nicki and how she had extra thickness to her. Her crazy curves didn’t seem as cartoonish, too.


    Skinny/Photoshopped Beyonce – Her weight fluctuates every day…


    Thick Bey – But our favorite is when she allows herself to stay as thick as possible. Pregnant Bey? Give us that.


    Young Rihanna – She was so young and slender at first.

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