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Magic Johnson was in NY at the Sports Museum of America to sign copies of his new book, “32 Ways to be a Champion in Business.”

The book about the 32 ways blah blah blah, is cool, but we just want to know the 1 way he got rid of that “bug.”

Some more pics for you below.

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  • beloved

    thats a good question

  • TheNatural

    2nd……. yeaeh how do u bump that bug?

  • 100%



    He is just plain ole’ Blessed. Folks just dont recognize a miracle when they see one. Im truly happy for him and his family. He definitely beat the odds.

  • thatbrutha



  • Chell B

    How do u know its a small amount going thru his bloodstream if he “undetectable.” That man doesn’t have it anymore. Im happy for him though.

  • Goddess_Isis

    because its in his mind. HIV = AIDS is one of the greatest medical hoaxes every perpetrated on man kind. this nonsense they call HIV/AIDS is nothing more than a fertility scheme or medical cover up gone wrong.

    Magic does not have hiv/aids, but if he wants to continued collaborating with the hiv/aids mafia/establishment, then let him do him

  • Real Mutha Fo Ya

    @ Goddess_Isis – Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were seen on the corner of 125th and Lenox Ave this morning. They were waiting for Elvis to round the corner so they could jack him.

  • Liz

    he didn’t get rid of the bug; his levels are undetectable but he’s still positive; do your homework

  • Razzell Dazzell

    Magic Johnson loss all my respect when he was delibertly trying to discredit Barack Obama on a local Maryland radio station. (I’m sorry guys, I’m in a computer lab and some stupid winch won’t shut the hell up, control yourself razzell, she doesn’t want it), n-e ways, to quote Magic “Barack Obama hasn’t done anything for anyone even black people” he went on to say how he was not going to support Barack (which is fine, but to discredit Barack’s accomplishments with such disdain) but he would support Hillary because she and her husband have done so much for African Americans is a damn shame. First (Okay guys, one more outburst from this heffa), learn how to speak Magic, you have a business because of money, and surronding yourself with intelligent people, let’s get that straight. Stop acting like you wrote that book, you know you had a ghost writer, maybe it was Cookie, but you didn’t write that book. Secondly, since you want to make such a fuss about what Barack hasn’t done for African Americans (which is a lie), why aren’t you doing more for African Americans as far as HIV prevention? I’m sorry your cured, so let everyone else fend for themselves. He should be a spokesmodel or something. How bout’ offer some slimming meals at your TGIF and stop helping the drug companies get rich off of people who suffer from diabetes and high blood preassure, how bout’ that Magic? Uggg, I don’t even want to talk about this character anymore.

  • http://comcast d.

    You get rid of the bug by trying not to catch it… And if you are not fortunate enough to avoid it, you be strong and let God handle the rest… Peace to the Magic Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sepia830

    My favorite NBA player of all time. (Yes Magic, I still love you even though you backed Hillary over Obama in the primaries.) 🙂

  • Razzell Dazzell

    Well I don’t love this nonarticulate Manbeast. I wish him the best with his sickness, but he sure does have a lot of making up to do to Mrs. Razzell Dazzell! I don’t think he got rid of the bug, I just think he manages it. Medicine has really enabled many to live long productive lives inspite of HIV. And yes, as someone said God is handling the rest. God be with us all, I’m outta here!

  • DEDE

    That statement was sooo dumb and ignorant! You black ppl like stupid!

  • JOEY B

    he aint better than jordan

  • Mock Rock Star

    I met Magic back in like ’99 or ’00 in LA and I remember that he came over to met me because I was with my ex @ the time and he knew her and all I could think was, “Damn, this is a big, build man” and he was so pleasant…well he was talking to me…j/k…but I totally forgot he had HIV and everything because in his presence that’s the last thing I even though about…but unhappy, jealous people seem to want to keep up what they consider bad thing about U. Personally I really didn’t care all to much who was going to be the next president between Hillary and Barak…I just wanted a dam Democrat…it could have been Kermit the Frog…now I did vote in the primaries for Barak…but only because he was a black, democrat…I didn’t study what he did…I saw him and liked him and that might be shallow to some, but the type of woman I am I just get a sense for folks and Magic will always and forever be cool with me…

    After saying all of that, I remember hearing someone say that Magic never had HIV, but was paid by the powers to be to be sometype of poster boy for the disease…I don’t know how true that is because people are always going to speculate, but I personally know that the body is always able to restore itself if treated properly…HIV and AIDS to me is one of the biggest scare tatics that has been put on civilization…no cure…please

  • finally17nluvinit

    undetectable – barely able to be perceived


  • finally17nluvinit

    LOL@ real mofo…sad but lol

  • ThatbkChick

    @Razzell Dazzell

    Thank You for your TRUTH! It is true that there were a bunch of “black coon goons” who were talking slick about our President Elect, and Johnson was one of them! I am sorry UPDOWN also make some REAL TRUTH comments about Magic, Jordan and Barkely….they never really came hard for the Black community back in the day and now everyone wants to jump on the band wagon now we got a black president. I am not honestly impressed with Magic personally….I feel that he could have and still can speak to blacks about HIV/AIDS. Right now here in Oakland, California, were there are tons of Starbucks (which Magic has tons of money vested with Starbucks) and 24 Hour Fitness Magic Centers, he could be talking to the black communities about the importance of HIV/AIDS. But he choses not to, maybe because of Cookie and the fact that he contracted AIDS being what Jordan and the rest of them so called bros in the day…Chasing snow bunny’s and all kinds of manwhorish ways….but whatever the case, he is not some example that I wish my young boys to follow….NOT AT ALL MR. JOHNSON!!!!

  • tj

    In this day and age you people can’t seriously be this uneducated.

    1. Magic never had full blown aids and with his antiretroviral treatment he probably never will.

    2. Why would he be dead when his immune system is the same as yours or mine?

    3. The daily medication is actually doing a job on his liver, pancreas, and heart. There are other terrible side effects to consider such as chronic diarrhea, swelling and pain in joints, and increased risk for diabetes, Hypertension, and ulcers.

    4. In short he still has HIV and is still dealing with it. However there was in fact a man who was just recently cured of HIV in Europe through a complete stem cell transplant procedure that erases the immune system then slowly builds it back up. This procedure requires a rare matching donor with immunity to the virus and matching bone marrow. It is also extremely expensive and carries a 30 percent chance of death.

    So basically there is no real cure for hiv/aids and it is imperative that you wrap it up everytime.

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