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Men That Faced Bad Karma For Cheating

Raise your hand if you’ve had to deal with a dirty dog. Now keep them up if you wish your dirty dog had to pay for his sins. Well, we’re not sure what your ex’s situation is, but we hope he paid for his ways! If not, you can at least take solace in the way these men had to deal with Karma for their dirty dogging.

Take a look at some cheating men and the bad luck that came after.

Tiger Woods – Ever since he cheated on Elin, his golf career has plummeted. Man can’t win a tournament to save his life. Or marriage.

Charlie Sheen – He had a crazy hooker party but got fired from Two And Half Men right after.

Lauryn Hill – She was juggling Wyclef and Ziggy, but when that came to light, her album output really took a hit. And she took a trip to Crazytown.

Herman Cain – All of his extra hoes came out of the woodwork (see what we did there?) and ruined his campaign. Ouch.

Lil Wayne – He got a few girls knocked up at the same time. Then ended up in jail a few months later. Oops.

Tiki Barber – He left his wife for some blonde Becky and now nobody wants him. NBC doesn’t want him. And football teams don’t want him.

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Michael Jordan – Ever since he got caught dirty dogging on Juanita, he’s been cursed with an inability to wear jeans without holes in them. Sad, sad, stuff.

Reggie Bush – He cheated on Kimmy Cakes. But when he tried to get back with her, he had to talk to the hand.

Bobby Petrino – He’s the Arkansas coach that was caught with an engaged woman. How’d he get caught? He got into a motorcycle accident! And then he got fired.

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