The Most Mentally Unstable Celebrities

A Trip To Crazy Town: Seemingly The Most Mentally Unstable Celebrities Around Right Now

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The Most Mentally Unstable Celebrities

You have to be somewhat of a standout to be famous. Something has to set you aside from everyone else. For some, that “something” is just being flat-out crazy. You ever have that friend that you want to hang out with but you’re scared to invite because buddy might go postal any minute and ruin everything? Yeah, these are probably those friends.

Let’s take a trip to Crazy Town.

Rihanna – She hasn’t been the same since Breezy went loco. Now she’s getting all kinds of tattoos and crazy drugs and random freakiness. We worry about her.

Ron Artest – He’s the kind that’ll snap and break someone’s neck during a game of Go Fish.

Drake – He doesn’t seem crazy as much as he’s just always emoting. Can’t get with a guy who’s perpetually menstruating.

Nene Leakes – She needs to calm her a$$ down with all that arguing and screaming. Nobody will invite her anywhere with all that.

Nicki Minaj – She’s admitted to having a million different personalities. All of them are insane.

Lady GaGa – She wore a meat dress to an awards show. Chick is walking Mad Cow Disease.

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Bobbi Kristina – She’s been going through some things. No jokes. But she’s getting more unstable by the day.

Mike Tyson – He’s cleaning his act up, but we won’t put him off the “scare the sh*t out of us” list.


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