Sucker For Love? Men That Got Totally Sprung On Their New Boos

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Men That Were Sprung On Their Women

We understand that new love is the best love, but damn!

When you get a new boo you want to do all the lovey dovey stuff that makes you happy. Facebook posts. Twitpics. The like. Even celebrities get that crazy love bug. Here are some guys that found new love and got sprung with the quickness.

Wiz Khalifa – He went into instant boo mode with Amber. Even licking her zipper in concert!

Kanye West – He proclaimed his love via song and has been all around cheesing for her ever since. Maybe he doesn’t realize it’s Kimmy Cakes.

Nick Cannon – He couldn’t get enough of Mariah. Maybe he realized he overachieved.

Kris Humphries – He was all about his love for Kim. How’d that work out again?

Drake – He made damn near a whole album about his one sniff of Rihanna’s poodaninny. Poor guy.

50 Cent – He went all in promoting his love for Chelsea but all she wanted was one good shot at the Mandingo before kicking him to the curb.

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    Nas – He was running around rocking matching bedazzled N-word shirts with her on the red carpet and everything. Then she took all his bread.

    Lil Wayne – He’s been tweeting about his love for his boo and all that. Even tweeting about getting engaged and stuff, too. All’s well that ends well. Er…

    Diddy – He never gave Kim that kind of PDA.

    Common – He made a horrid piece of music basically dedicated to Serena. It damn sure wasn’t worth it.

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