From The Window To The Wall: A Gallery Of Women That Have Been Totally D–k Whipped

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A Gallery Of Women Whipped By Their Men

Last week we showed you a gallery of men totally sprung on their ladies. Well, it’s time to turn the tables. These women have been absolutely whipped by man peen. They were blinded by the glistening sex rods before snapping out of it. Some still haven’t figured things out smh.

Amber Rose – Either Wiz got some good weed or some good other stuff. While he’s totally whipped on her, she’s definitely head over heels for his guy. We guess it’s good it goes both ways.

K Fed – He had Shar and Britney Spears sprung off his pop-locking freakness.

Alicia Keys – Alicia was willing to snatch ol buddy from his own marriage and jumped straight into marriage. No shame, either.

Cameron Diaz – She was feeding this dude grapes on national television! Swag!

Rihanna – She’s so schlong hungry that she gets whipped by every slice of you know what that comes her way.

Janet Jackson – He must have just straight up crawled up in there don’t you think?

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    Nivea – She’s already not wired right but Wayne had dat a$$ going crazy and telling everyone they were getting married.

    Lil Kim – They made just about the whole Biggie movie about how much she loved his lovin.

    Jennifer Lopez – Her young and tender must have moonwalked and done all kinds of spins in that a$$ for her to be buying him stuff and taking him on all kinds of vacations. Sheesh.

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