Struggle Braids: The Worst Celebrity Braids Of All Time

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The Worst Celebrity Braids Of All Time

Braids. Ancient relics of a time past when people wore throwback jerseys and DADA shoes. But some people hang on to the idea of braids and corn rows like it’s still the new style.

Those people deserve ridicule. Let’s ridicule them now. Don’t forget to point and laugh!

Ready? Go!

Amare Stoudemire – Those damn braids barely made it to his neck. Who gets these joints in 2012?!

50 Cent – First the struggle curls now this? Mid-life crisis anyone?

Allen Iverson – He’s overseas holding on to those struggle braids as he endures his struggle career.

Udonis Haslem – He had the hangtime braids going and everything…thank goodness he cut them last year.

Shemar Moore – His Hollywood struggle braids were an epic fail. Worst prop of all time.

Kim Kardashian – This was the worst decision of her life…okay, 57th worst.

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    Dawn Richards – Er…Avatar?

    Kelis – Speaking of Avatar.

    Christina Aguilera – It’s like the braid is keeping a hair piece on her head.

    Stevie Wonder – LeBron James. This is your future.

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