Road Rage! Celebrities That Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Drive

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Gallery Of Horrible Celebrity Drivers

Celebrities can afford really nice, fancy cars. But sometimes they probably shouldn’t even be allowed to drive them. Why? Because they’re freaking bananas behind the wheel.

Here are some crazy celebs that shouldn’t be allowed behind any wheel. Ever.

Lindsay Lohan – She’s been arrested for a few hit and runs. Good thing that license got suspended…er…

DMX – He’s done some serious jail time for his driving issues…once even impersonating a police officer in the car.

Brandy – Well, she did kind of kill someone.

Tiger Woods – He can drive…just not while running away from an angry woman.

Halle Berry – The hottest hit and run driver of all time.

Britney Spears – She flipped the flip out jumping out of her car and swinging an umbrella at the paparazzi. WTF.

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    Michael Jordan – He is notorious for his road rage. He’s probably never gotten arrested just because he’s Michael Jordan.

    Paris Hilton –
    She’s been pulled over a bunch with DUIs and all that. You probably should need a certain IQ to drive.

    Mel Gibson – If you pull Mel Gibson over, he may scream nasty things about Jews. And nobody wants that.

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