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How To Spot A Douchebag

Ladies, don’t fall for it.

You may think certain guys are nice on first glance, but hark, there are some sure signs that the guy you’re looking at is a clear and present d-bag. So you don’t get caught in a sticky situation, we pointed out a few tell-tale signs that a guy may be a douche. Here are some things only d-bags rock in the year of our Lord 2012.

Ed Hardy – Bedazzled shirts, dog? You’re the worst.

Jorts – It’s never that hot. Ever.

Bandanas – Gang banging isn’t cool. But wearing a bandana if you’re not even repping a set is just the epitome of lame.

Grills –2003 called. It wants its dumb gimmick back.

Full Body Tattoos – They’re actually kind of cool in 2012, but by 2028, they’ll be a tell-tale d bag sign.

Bluetooth – Just use the phone like a normal person. Yes, brain cancer is worth it to not look like a douche.

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Man Purses – LOOK AT HIM!

Skinny Jeans – Just wear some normal jeans. Let your nuggets breathe. Nobody likes what you have going on.

Excessive Tanner – Yes, you are the worst kind of people. Nothing good ever comes from professional tanners.

Basically Anything Lil Wayne Wears To Basketball Games – He looks like a character from Hey Arnold. Never will that ever be cool.

Wife Beaters in Public – Put on a damn shirt.

Waves – Don’t rock waves in 2012. Leave in the mid-90s.

Backwards Hats – Are you guarding your back eyes?

Soulja Boy Shades

Tall Tees


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