Toughen Up: Celebrities That Obviously Can’t Take A Little Criticism

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Celebrities That Can’t Take Criticism

Celebrities need to be able to handle all kinds of tough critics and backlash. In the era of Twitter, it gets even worse. Now fans throw shade at celebrities every single day. It takes thick skin to survive. But some people weren’t built for it. Need proof? Take a look at these sensitive celebs that have such a tough time dealing with criticism.

Chris Brown – Say something about Breezy and he’ll go off on Twitter and cry about it. He may even call you something that’ll make GLAAD angry.

Lil Wayne – He got his Trukfit panties in a bunch when Hot97 sent a few shots his way. Was it that serious?

Nicki Minaj – As sensitive as she is, her Barbies are the absolute worst! They’ll come at your neck.

LeBron James – Don’t talk about him or he’ll put your name on a list for when he won a championship. How’s that working out?

Terrell Owens – He’s the most sensitive football player of all time…he even cried in a press conference! He can take the hits not the insults.

Chris Bosh – When Bron Bron isn’t crying, Bosh is. No wonder they’re struggling.

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    Brian McKnight – We don’t get him. He says his songs were a joke but he gets aggy when people say they’re lame. We think his feelings are hurt and he’s playing it off.

    Ochocinco – He goes on his Twitter rants when he gets insulted for his play. And Lord knows he got insulted enough last season.

    Kanye West – Is there a rapper more sensitive than Yeezy?

    Kim Kardashian – Ahhh no wonder they’re perfect for each other.

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