Feed Your Kids: How Much Do These Men Owe And Pay In Child Support

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How Much Do These Men Pay In Child Support?

Kids gotta eat.

So even if you hit it and quit it one time, you’re going to have to pay child support for those kids. But thank goodness you wouldn’t have to pay what these celebrities do. Just look at these numbers and compare them to the prices of condoms.

Now off to 7-11 you go!

eddie gill

Eddie Murphy – He owes Mel B. $51K a month.

Levi Johnson with fiance Bristol Palin

Levi Johnson –Bristol Palin wants him to pay $1,750 ever since he posed in Playgirl.

Master P – He’s only owed his baby momma $271 even though she had four of his kids.

Terrell Owens departs a restaurant after having lunch with a friend

Terrell Owens – He claimed that he had to pay $20K a month. No wonder he’s broke.

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Tom Brady – Rumors have him owing anything from $20K-100K.


Nas – Kelis wanted $50K, but he got her to drop it to $25K. Thank goodness.

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    joe budden

    Joe Budden – We don’t know how much he owes a month, but we know he was once in trouble for owing $13,000 in back payments.

    50 Cent – Owes $6,700 a month.

    Pilar Sanders Former NFL Football player Deion Sanders exits the Collin County courthouse as the divorce battle with estranged wife Pilar escalates

    Deion Sanders – He pays $10,500 a month. Whoo.


    The-Dream – He pays $5K for that baby he was inexplicably able to put in C-Milli.


    Kobe Bryant – He’s given a house and half, but he’s rumored to also be paying $10K a month, too.


    Shaquille O’Neal – He pays $10K a month, too.

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