Sports Wives: Destroyer Edition! Women That Damn Near Ruined These Athletes’ Lives

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Women That Ruined Athletes Careers

Athletes have a lot to fight for. They have money and careers and lives to lead. Unfortunately, there are plenty of women out there that – either intentionally or not – end up ruining athletes’ careers and almost their lives.

Stay away! Let these athletes be great.

Siovaughn Funches-Wade mugshot

Siovaughn Funches – D Wade’s ex-wife tried to kidnap the kids! During the Finals, too!


Gloria James – She banged his teammate…ALLEGEDLY. Basically knocked him right out of Cleveland.


Cristal Taylor – Dirk Nowitzki’s ex-girlfriend almost stole all his money when she changed her identity and exposed herself as a con artist.

vanessa bryant

Vanesa Bryant – Her gossiping had Pau Gasol’s relationship on the rocks, causing him to stink up the playoffs last year. And now he’ll probably get traded.

Alejandra Nash – She had Steve Nash’s baby. But it turned out to be a Black baby. So they got divorced the day after the baby came. Yikes.

jason kidd

Joumanna Kidd – The biggest ex-wife slore in the game almost made Kidd the most hated athlete for a while.

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    Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson – She is half the reason Tony Romo has had such a sucky career. It’s a curse!


    Trina – You’ve seen how James Harden has played? Yeah, blame Trina and late nights in Miami.

    Rihanna – Well, follow us here: Drake and Breezy fought over Rihanna. Shards of glass got into Tony Parker’s eye. It’s all her fault!

    Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries Kim Kardashian celebrates her birthday at Marquee Nightclub at Cosmopolitan

    Kim Kardashian – Poor Kris. We’ll just leave it at that.


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